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Rimo3 Export Dashboard with export to Intune and Nerdio options

The World’s First Fully Automated Package Modernization Solution for Migrations from SCCM to Intune

  • Help IT organizations maintain critical packaging configuration and installation logic
  • Automate migrations of legacy SCCM packages to Intune
  • Accelerate your move to modern workspaces

Since Configuration Manager was introduced by Microsoft nearly 25 years ago, customers have used the solution to store, deliver, and manage applications across their end-user devices.

During this time, application repositories have been updated with package scripts, custom actions, transforms, updates, and new packages. Organizations moving to modern, cloud-based workspaces are accelerating their move to Intune, to manage and control how all their organization’s devices are used, including mobile devices and cloud Desktop as a Service workspaces. Automated migration of legacy SCCM packages to Intune will remove substantial time and labor hours in moving to a modern management platform.


Critical application failures cost enterprises between $500,000 and $1 million per hour

(Datastax, 2019)

Reducing Risk, Increasing Productivity

Fear of impacting application performances causes unnecessary and risky delays in deploying critical system updates. In 2021, the average time in an enterprise to deploy system updates was over 45 days. By providing timely information on the impact of patches, configuration changes, and operating system updates to your applications, IT can reduce security exposure and deliver key, productivity improving features to your end-users.

"At the time of the attacks, patches were available for every single vulnerability. Simply applying them would have protected the victims.”

(Kaspersky, 2021)

“For my testing, I was keen to get started as quickly as possible, so I opted for the Rimo3 SaaS offering…”

– Toby Skerritt, Technology Director, Foundation IT

Easy to Try, Easy to Buy

Rimo3 partners with all major DaaS and end-user computing providers to ensure platform readiness and feature compatibility.

  1. Complete portal onboarding
  2. Import applications
  3. Begin automated testing

Ready to get started? Connect with our team, and our solution specialist will walk you through a live product demo.

Flexible Deployment Options

Available fully hosted or on-premises, Rimo3 easily supports testing of hundreds or thousands of Windows applications, with most enterprises onboarded in under an hour. Rimo3 is verified with industry leading solutions from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Nerdio, and others. For a complete list of partnerships and supported environments, visit our Solutions page.


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