Simplify and accelerate your digital modernization journey through automation.

Rimo3 was the industry’s first automated digital workspace management solution which covers the fundamentals of change management, application migration & modernization in one easy-to-use platform. Its automation enables application & workspace analysis at scale based on your unique workspace

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    How do I migrate applications to new platforms?

    Where will my applications perform best?

    Rimo3 analyzes application candidates to find what's suitable to move to a new cloud workspace or VDI project before impacting end users.

    Gain critical insights about the application portfolio for informed decision-making with an

    automated analysis showing compatibility, functionality, performance & detailed contextual application insights.

    Discovery of application suitability for target platforms:

    • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Citrix VDI & Workspace, Amazon Workspaces (AWS), VMware Workspace ONE & Google Cloud.
    • Windows 10 multi-session, MSIX conversion & Windows 11 readiness.
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    Rimo3 helps you confidently migrate applications into a new workspace.

    Know application behavior before you deploy & easily transition to new application formats like MSIX.

    Rimo3 software creates fully tested, quality MSIX packages that are ready to deploy in any physical, virtual, or cloud workspace.

    Rimo3 helps you deploy applications through Microsoft Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop & Windows 365. 




    How do I stay on top of workspace updates?

    Deliver continuous security patchesinnovation without impacting user experience. Use Rimo3 to seamlessly test & manage upcoming changes to Windows operating systems and the applications running on them. Stay in control and minimize the risk of business disruption. 

    Rimo3 allows you to manage:

    • Microsoft Active Directory changes & Group Policy Objects (GPO).
    • Windows security and reliability patches.
    • Windows as a Service feature and quality updates.
    • Application-specific updates.
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Your apps and workspace are our priority. Rimo3 will ensure an optimal end-user experience.

Applications are the lifeblood of any business. There are a variety of ways applications are delivered to end-users inside of businesses by leveraging application and desktop virtualization platforms such as Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, AWS, and GCP. Rimo3 ensures that your users will have a great experience using their applications running on a Windows operating system, regardless of how you deliver them below.

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