How to Make Security Cool Again W/ Simon Binder

In this episode of the podcast Rimo3 CTO Samit Halvadia, and Rimo3's Sage Goodwin are joined by tech and security influencer, Simon Binder to go over the importance of security in VDI and EUC, and how you can empower your teams through automation to make security easier for your organization.

What Will and Won't Work in the Cloud & How That's Changing W/ Johan van Amersfoort

In this episode of the podcast Rimo3 CTO Samit Halvadia, and Rimo3's Sage Goodwin are joined by EUC and VDI influencer, author, and podcaster Johan van Amersfoort to go over his early days through EUC, his thoughts on the growing application problem, and where DaaS and the cloud is headed for larger workflows.  

The Future of MSIX and Applications in 5 Years

Applications are the final frontier for many organizations, after dealing with the big problems throughout the years, businesses across industries are discovering the impact applications have on their productivity. Sage and Samit are joined by Tim Mangan to talk about the way applications have been changing throughout his years in EUC.  

Why Applications? Why Now? with Ron Oglesby

Sage and Samit are joined by Login VSI's SVP for Customer Services and Solutions, Ron Oglesby to talk about the highlights of VMware Explore, and the impact that applications and automation are having on the whole EUC space. 

The State of Packaging in 2023 with David Bieneman 

Samit Halvadia (Rimo3 Chief Technology Officer), and Sage Goodwin (Rimo3 Digital Marketing Director) are joined by David Bieneman (Liquidware CEO) to go over the ways that application packaging has changed through the years, and how Liquidware is addressing this massive problem across the EUC space. 

The State of the EUC Community with Doug Brown

On the Rimo3 Podcast, we're joined by Doug Brown, Vice President of Community at ControlUp, to discuss the ways the EUC community has evolved through the years, where the space is headed, and why community is so vital, and how it's growing faster than ever. 

How Automation and AI Will Change How We Approach Apps W/ Scott Manchester

On the Rimo3 Podcast, we're joined by Scott Manchester, Director of Product Management Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 at Microsoft, to discuss the ways DaaS has changed through the years, how AI and automation will impact application management, and the DaaS Revolution!

The Future of Windows Applications with HP's Jim Cooper

Sage Goodwin and Samit Halvadia are joined by Jim Cooper also known as Coop, who is the Chief Technologist workforce services and solutions at HP. Coop has a wealth of experience in the technology space, and has joined Samit on stage, and virtually for many events over the years!

The Gaps in the VDI and EUC Market with Ruben Spruijt

Sage Goodwin and Samit Halvadia are joined by Ruben Spruijt of Nutanix! Ruben is a long time member of the tech space, and today, we’ll be discussing Ruben's history in the space, current gaps in the market, and the challenges organizations are facing as they deploy new migrations, look at new opportunities and modernize their workspace. 

What You Need to Know About Migrations with Nerdio and ProArch

In this very special edition of the Rimo3 Podcast! Sage Goodwin and Samit Halvadia are joined by Vadim Vladimirskiy CEO of Nerdio, and Ben Wilcox the CTO of ProArch! Basically the Avengers of EUC. Today they're continuing a discussion from a webinar they all worked on: Why CIOs are adopting AVD. They also discuss what you need to be aware of when you’re looking to move the ball forward when it comes to a migration journey!

How Organizations Really Migrate & Why Automation Matters with Jani Antilla

Samit Halvadia and Sage Goodwin talk with Jani Anttila, Citrix Technology Advocate, and App Nerd! Jani has been on the partner, tech and customer side of the VDI space, and in today’s episode, they go over the transitions in the landscape over his career so far, and how migrations and migration management has changed throughout that time, while looking ahead to what will happen next!

The Innovations of App Containerizations & the Future of App Delivery | Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia and Sage Goodwin talk with Jeff Ulatoski, VMware's product manager for App Volumes on some of Jeff’s history in the space, as well as discussing the evolution of app containerization in the EUC space and the history of App Delivery in that context!

Application Testing & Migration for the Modern Age W/ Nerdio's Vadim Vladimirskiy The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia and Sage Goodwin are joined by Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO of Nerdio to talk about Vadim’s experience in the tech space, Nerdio’s history, and our work together supporting Nerdio in Rimo3.

Application Security and Adoption with Ben Wilcox of ProArch | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia, and Sage Goodwin are joined by ProArch Chief Technology Officer Ben Wilcox to talk about the world of VDI adoption across the industry, application security, as well as the rise and maturation of automation at scale. 

Cloud PC to the Masses, What was the Switch? W/ Christiaan Brinkhoff | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia is joined by Windows 365 Principal PM Christiaan Brinkhoff to go over the world of Cloud PC. We go over Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), why Christiaan got into the space so early and how it has changed throughout his career.

The Evolution of App Delivery with Jeremy Moskowitz | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia from Rimo3 is joined by industry leader Jeremy Moskowitz to talk about the history of App Delivery, the ways apps have changed in their development and delivery, as well as covering topics such as VDI, AVD, EUC and the ways the cloud is still behind in some ways and ahead in others.

Why Security and Compliance Matters with Patrick Coble | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia from Rimo3 is joined by EUC community leader Patrick Coble to discuss the importance of security patches, compliance, pentesting, and how the focus on security is integral to all companies in the modern day. Topics covered in the podcast: CIS, security controls, automated patch management, governance, cyber insurance, ransomware, breaches, and proactive prevention.