The Innovations of App Containerizations & the Future of App Delivery | Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia and Sage Goodwin talk with Jeff Ulatoski, VMware's product manager for App Volumes on some of Jeff’s history in the space, as well as discussing the evolution of app containerization in the EUC space and the history of App Delivery in that context!

Application Testing & Migration for the Modern Age W/ Nerdio's Vadim Vladimirskiy The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia and Sage Goodwin are joined by Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO of Nerdio to talk about Vadim’s experience in the tech space, Nerdio’s history, and our work together supporting Nerdio in Rimo3.

Application Security and Adoption with Ben Wilcox of ProArch | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia, and Sage Goodwin are joined by ProArch Chief Technology Officer Ben Wilcox to talk about the world of VDI adoption across the industry, application security, as well as the rise and maturation of automation at scale. 

Cloud PC to the Masses, What was the Switch? W/ Christiaan Brinkhoff | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia is joined by Windows 365 Principal PM Christiaan Brinkhoff to go over the world of Cloud PC. We go over Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), why Christiaan got into the space so early and how it has changed throughout his career.

The Evolution of App Delivery with Jeremy Moskowitz | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia from Rimo3 is joined by industry leader Jeremy Moskowitz to talk about the history of App Delivery, the ways apps have changed in their development and delivery, as well as covering topics such as VDI, AVD, EUC and the ways the cloud is still behind in some ways and ahead in others.

Why Security and Compliance Matters with Patrick Coble | The Rimo3 Podcast

Samit Halvadia from Rimo3 is joined by EUC community leader Patrick Coble to discuss the importance of security patches, compliance, pentesting, and how the focus on security is integral to all companies in the modern day. Topics covered in the podcast: CIS, security controls, automated patch management, governance, cyber insurance, ransomware, breaches, and proactive prevention.