Analyze, modernize, and manage applications at scale and quickly in any Windows environment

Take full advantage of Microsoft’s native technology stack with modern applications and the latest Windows operation system. No matter of your business size or level of IT Services’ maturity, Rimo3 and Microsoft partner together to enable organizations with a holistic solution that leverages Rimo3 Cloud’s unique automation capabilities to analyze, test, modernize, and manage Windows applications across any deployment type: physical, virtual, or cloud-based.

You have lots of applications to test and deploy and Rimo3 has the platform to enable you to automate the entire process for analysis, testing, modernization, and ongoing management of change. Ensure applications will work in your operating system at any stage of your migration to newer Windows operating system versions or Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop).

Rimo3 as a solution

Rimo3 has been listed as a certified and optimized solution for Azure Virtual Desktop on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to allow you quick application onboarding.

Rimo3 is an official partner of Microsoft’s Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) to help customers speed the adoption from physical desktops to Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD).

Rimo3 a Microsoft Partner

Key benefits:

  • Determine application compatibility, functionality, and performance before migrating to a newer Windows operating system version.
  • Accelerate any Azure Virtual Desktop migration through an automated application analysis and testing process to increase time to value.
  • Determine application suitability for Windows 10 multi-session.
  • Gain detailed application insights. When failures occur, a plethora of information is provided for fault analysis including detailed logs, multiple screenshots, and a recorded video of the test.
  • Modernize Windows applications by validating MSIX suitability and convert these to tap into the benefits of MSIX app attach available with Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • Manage your application functionality to keep up with continuous change through Windows updates (Windows as a service).

“Our customers are increasingly turning to Windows Virtual Desktop with remote work environments. With solutions like Rimo3’s automation platform, organizations can easily onboard applications into their environments, proactively understand the impact of changes, and roll out new applications and updates with minimal user interruptions.”

- Kam VedBrat, General Manager WVD, Microsoft

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